Why every guitar player needs Guitar Pro

Guitar Pro 7.5 Virtual Cover - Guitar Pro Review

Guitar Pro Review and Guide Contents What is Guitar Pro? About Me Guitar Pro vs Normal Tabs Guitar Pro Interface Main Features Audio Playback Slow Down Loop Sections Mix Controls Additional Useful Features Retune (change Global Tuning) Turn off Standard Notation Count-in/Metronome Navigation Where to get Guitar Pro Tabs (free) Guitar Pro Negatives What is […]

Blues Guitar Backing Tracks

Blues Guitar Backing Tracks Blues Jam Tracks

Practicing and jamming with backing tracks is one of the best ways there is to improve your playing – especially when it comes to blues guitar.  There are lots of good backing tracks available on Youtube, but it’s not always easy to tell what key they’re in, what tempo they’re at, whether they’re major or […]

Metronomes don’t make you faster – YOU do

Today I want to clarify a common misunderstanding among guitar players who are starting to think seriously about their technique.  This is the widespread belief that “practicing with a metronome” makes you faster, or builds your technique. Now, virtually every technically-able musician uses a metronome at least some of the time, and nobody denies that the […]

Stop practicing this exercise

It’s time to talk Guitar Technique. Everyone who learns electric guitar will sooner or later encounter this exercise: There are many possible variations on the basic idea, like these: You might hear people refer to them to as warm up exercises, or the “Finger Gym” exercises, or “Technique” or “Speed Building” exercises. I’m going to refer to […]

Those days when you just suck at guitar

Guitar off day suck day

Have you ever had one of those days when you pick up your guitar and for no apparent reason your playing feels WORSE than it was the day before? Suddenly you find yourself making mistakes left right and centre with things you thought you had down. Things aren’t happening, and your playing feels stale and […]