Did the guitar legends know music theory?

There has always been this idea in the world of rock, blues and metal guitar that the best players “know nothing” about music. That they “never had lessons” and “didn’t know any music theory”. Let’s call it the ‘Musical Ignorance’ mindset. This holds that the absence of music knowledge is not just a fact, but […]

Guitar Strings – What you need to know, in 5 minutes

I see a lot of questions and discussion about guitar strings every day on guitar groups, so here is my experience on the subject boiled down into a quick guide touching on the main things people always ask about. Guitar String Gauges Guitar strings come in different ‘gauges’, which means thickness. Higher gauge numbers indicate […]

5 things Rocksmith will never teach you about guitar

In the last decade there has been an explosion in popularity of music and guitar related video games. These games can be great fun to play with friends, and deserve credit for introducing many people to rock music and guitar playing that they might not otherwise have listened to. Most of these video games are […]

Why Speed Matters – Even If You Don’t Care About Playing Fast

Hyperspace image representing speed

Let’s be honest. When we find something too hard to play – whether it’s a well known song, or our own idea we’re trying to bring to life – most of the time it’s ‘too hard’ because it’s too fast. Obviously speed is not the be all and end all of playing guitar, but, when […]