Why every guitar player needs Guitar Pro

Guitar Pro 7.5 Virtual Cover - Guitar Pro Review

Guitar Pro Review and Guide Contents What is Guitar Pro? About Me Guitar Pro vs Normal Tabs Guitar Pro Interface Main Features Audio Playback Slow Down Loop Sections Mix Controls Additional Useful Features Retune (change Global Tuning) Turn off Standard Notation Count-in/Metronome Navigation Where to get Guitar Pro Tabs (free) Guitar Pro Negatives What is […]

The singlecoil pickup instant noise fix

Fender strat singlecoil guitar noisy pickups gain distortion

Single coil guitar pickups have a distinctive character and gorgeous sound, but they have also have a significant disadvantage – background noise. Single coils sound great clean, but they start to hum and buzz with noise when you use them with distortion or overdrive, even when you’re not playing (which is the reason the doubled-coiled […]