Blues Guitar Backing Tracks

Blues Guitar Backing Tracks Blues Jam Tracks

Practicing and jamming with backing tracks is one of the best ways there is to improve your playing – especially when it comes to blues guitar.  There are lots of good backing tracks available on Youtube, but it’s not always easy to tell what key they’re in, what tempo they’re at, whether they’re major or […]

Five Reasons Your Vibrato SUCKS

Vibrato Visualiser

Being a good musician starts and ends with being able to make one note sound awesome. If you can’t make one note sound really great, then it doesn’t matter what else you can do — you’ve already lost the battle. Before we go any further, know that I’m not one of these guys who thinks […]

Learning watching from the masters

Guitar masters Gary Moore and BB King

I don’t know about you, but I watch as much live footage of my guitar heroes as I possibly can. It gets me inspired and fired up to practice, and it reminds me why I play guitar and how far I still have to go. As a music fan it’s fun to watch concerts and […]